About Us


Turns out, happiness and balance are tricky things. We thrive when we’re happy. We feel at peace when we’re balanced. But the pressures of life can make it difficult to fully experience either. Just a slight swing of the pendulum can throw things out of whack, leaving us feeling, well, bonkers.

As a mom, wife, and entrepreneur living in NYC, fighting the stressors of the daily rat race, I definitely found myself struggling to balance it all. I had young kids, a husband who traveled for work and a career of my own.

After 10 years of putting everything else in my life first, I decided I needed to put myself first. I knew I didn’t need to feel fatigued, depressed and anxiety-ridden. I just wanted balance in my body.

But I didn’t know how to fix it. 

And so I went to specialists, never getting any real concrete answers. I kept digging. Searching. Looking for how I could find balance. Through this, I found Herbalism, and Ayurveda, an ancient medicine for modern day healing; and most importantly, ADAPTOGENS, (life’s natural stress balancers and immune boosters) which quickly found their way into my world. 

After a while, not only did I notice a change, but my husband noticed a change in me, too. 

The daily ritual of taking adaptogens and herbs now had a real, meaningful purpose. They had brought my body into balance and boosted my immune system, and hey, that’s what I was looking for! 

Then, as with any good adventure, there was a casual spark that soon delivered my morning routine from our house to yours.

It came from my husband:

“Just think of all people that need adaptogens in their life. It’s a shame you can’t make these shots for everyone.”

“Oh yeah, who says I can’t?”

…And Bala Veda was born.


— Amanda Hester-Smith, Founder

Ayurvedic Health Counselor - Herbalist -  Certified Yoga Instructor -  Certified Mom and Baby Yoga Instructor -  Kids Yoga Certification -  Restorative Yoga Certification